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Mountebank History of Scotland #21 - Mary Queen of Scots (The Rough Wooings) an infant Mary was moved from place to place around Scotland and eventually forced to flee the country to avoid the clutches of her predatory great-uncle Henry VIII -... more

17 November

Hector Ballengiech - Teuchter Double Agent Ballengiech the north of Scotland's deadliest double agent the takes part in a tense cat and mouse high-stakes poker match at the Casino... more

02 November

Mountebank History of Scotland #20 - James V V was just another one of your cultured Stewart monarchs who was a lover of architecture and art but also completely emotionally unhinged and enjoyed tying people to... more

18 October

Podcast Episode #20 - James V

James V was the greatest patron of renaissance architecture in Scotland, he loved beautiful paintings, beautiful buildings, beautiful poetry but also loved tying people to barrels of tar and burning... more

16 October

Podcast Episode #19 - James IV

There were seven kings of Scotland called James and James IV is the by far the most popular and most fondly remembered of all of them; the Stewart Monarchs are just like the Rocky films in that... more

09 October