Buy J.P. Aulet a ramen


Software dev focused on apps for social & environmental good to improve the world! Digital nomad & maker ?? - Cofounded the tech community for fight climate change #impactMakers

I started coding websites when I was 16 years old, with a brand new Gentoo Linux distro. Time passes quickly and here I am, a full-stack web developer with +15 years of experience. 

I'm currently traveling the world (India) and trying to make ramen profit :) while doing webs, apps & building things ??.

I'm always looking for new challenges and creating/shipping new products and services!

More facts about me:

 ?️  I'm keen on spicy food. Very spicy.

?   I like to recognize the merits of my colleagues and not hide my own mistakes. Kudos for all!

☺️   I'm proud to be a kind, easy going and cheerful person.

?   I enjoy having (cold) beers with my friends and spend time with them. Who doesn't?

?️   I would have liked to become a movie director, for now, I am okay watching movies.

?   I love traveling. Seriously.