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Hello, I'm Thuy. I teach yoga, and in these difficult times, isn't that all we really need?

Hey 👋 Technology is hard, but so are pandemics. Stay home. Do virtual yoga with me. Feel free to "Buy Me A Coffee" after...


Kara Davis
Kara Davis bought a coffee.

Awesome practice today!

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Finally got around to yoga-ing with your videos, they are exactly what I’ve been missing. Hope you are well, stay strong!

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Thank you, Thuy! 

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Your technical reminders re: alignment are excellent and I cannot stress how much following along with your videos is relieving my daily shoulder and like... scoliosis-based torso pain. I'm hoping to make a habit of taking regular yoga classes

❤️ Thank you!!! I love technique and I am overjoyed that the practices and reminders are helping you.