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Mr. Confess is the best place where you can confess anything without any hesitation or any creepy hassle. We don’t have any Adsense or any affiliation. And we are not selling any products. Our main motto is if we talk in-person in a park or in a public place, we don’t even have to pay anything. We want to keep that vibe in this confession platform. That’s it.

We have started this project from our savings. It’s a charity service. We managed our own donation system initially, but the maintenance cost is becoming super high. We have to shut that donation service down. Now we are using the BuyMeACoffee platform to receive donations. It’s secure, and you can support us anonymously. That’s the most important thing.

How you can donate anonymously: “While making the payment, if you leave the Name and E-mail columns blank when making the payment, it counts as an anonymous support.”

Again, it’s not mandatory to donate. But if you would be kind enough to help us maintain our site cost and tools subscription, we will be thankful to you.