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Long story short: indie games are severely lacking in coverage. This is what I spend almost all of my time on addressing. Please make a contribution to help us out today!

So, you've stumbled upon this page because there is something about this whole Mr. Dave Pizza idea that intrigues you. Maybe you've never seen a game site like it! Well, you are onto something good.

Over this past year and a half, I have poured my heart and soul into this site in the midst of some very challenging circumstances! Yet, I've already written countless reviews, showcases, and articles of foundational indie game research in exchange for what I believe is actually supporting talented individuals with creative ideas. (I also now support charity with partnership with Humble. Use this link to support me just buy buying quality discounted indie games:

I want to continue, and I intend to. I need your support to make it happen though.

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Most of all, I am ensuring every day that you are entertained, finding out new information, and getting value from Mr. Dave Pizza!

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