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Hey, I'm Mr.Houseplant, 

a Houseplant Care Expert with over 10 years of houseplant experience who help newcomers into the houseplant world become great plant parents.

Welcome to my BuyMeACoffee page! I am thrilled that you are about to support me creating FREE resources for existing and future houseplant parents. I have been sharing these resources with almost half a million people on my social media. 

I inherited the love for plants from my mom. She had lots of houseplants ever since I can remember. I gained a lot of houseplant knowledge through owning a venus flytrap business for several years and through a lot of experimentation, testing and reading scientific papers. As I was searching for the life that I want, career that I love, I started filling up my office with plants and continued learning about houseplants. After work hours I would produce fun & easy to understand Instagram videos about what makes houseplants happy. I wanted to share with the world my discovery that plant care could be exceptionally easy, rewarding and fun if you follow the right advice. I was teaching houseplant parents how to successfully take care of their plants.  

And my Instagram account slowly started growing - from a few hundred followers, to tens of thousands. My social media is now followed by almost half a million people. And my videos have been seen over 66 million times. I’m grateful to have this opportunity. But moreover, I am grateful that I realized how much I love producing and sharing educational plant videos with all of you. And that I’m happy to help others discover a happier life with houseplants.

Your support today will empower me to continue to do what I love the most: create FREE resources for my houseplant community. I’ll be able to follow my passion to create a community of 1 million houseplant parents with green thumbs, growing houseplants in a fun and easy way and supporting each other through the learning process.

Donate $5 a month or more and get an exclusive sneak peek of my plant experiments, have your voice be heard when building new Mr. Houseplant products, or participate in a virtual happy hour (group call) with me once a month!

Yours Truly,
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