Change log

  • [Added] Optional equipment categories can now be renamed (#51).

  • [Added] Drag Ruler is now natively supported. The ruler is colored according to the Cypher range bands: immediate = blue, short = green, long = yellow, very long = red, beyond = black.

  • [Added] Dragging & dropping items between sheets has been widely expanded. See the wiki for details.

  • [Changed] When items the category of which isn’t activated on the character sheet is dragged onto the character sheet, the category gets activated automatically. For example, by default, Cyphers are hidden on the character sheet and they need to be activated in the settings. If you drag & drop a Cypher onto the character sheet, the Cyphers show up automatically without the need to activate the list by hand.

  • [Changed] Actor sheets now remember which tab was last viewed and opens that tab after closing a re-opening the sheet for the current session.

  • [Changed] Item descriptions on the actor sheets now include the item image. If you send the description to the chat (ctrl/cmd-click on the item name), the image is sent to the chat as well.

  • [Fixed] Settings and the damage tracker can no longer be dragged.