So I just wanted to take a few minutes and say hello and express how happy I am to see that you have found my BMAC page. I do hope that you would be so kind as to buy me a coffee. If you are new or don't know much about me.

I have been reading cards since I was 15. For the last 20+ years, people all over the world have benefited from my reading and spiritual services. I have read for Reality TV stars, Doctors, Lawyers, Actors and Actresses, and Politicians.

As a practicing Witch, learned in the old world ways, I mix contemporary Wicca with traditional practices, to formulate the best outcome for your situation. You can read more about how magic works in an article I wrote by clicking here. As a reader, I draw on several different methods. First I pull the cards, and then as I look at them as a story begins to unfold. As images, feelings, and sensations, as well as sounds all begin to come around, I am then able to read for you. If you would like to read more about the Tarot and how its used you can click here.

I take all these things that are happening all at the same time and tell you what I see. I am not a "fluff reader", telling you what you want to hear. If I tell you something, that is what I am reading, seeing, or hearing, and am compelled to tell you. I offer my services as an extension of my personal religion, therefore you can be sure that I will not provide you with a disservice as I would not want to disservice myself.

I ask that you please not waste my time or your time with "test" questions or "half truths". I very seldom as clarifying questions. But if I do ask a question, I need you to answer truthfully, as some cards have multiple meanings and will dictate how I proceed with the reading.
Such as "are you currently in a relationship" and you tell me yes, then I will proceed with that answer as being in a relationship. If you and your partner haven't spoken in a week or more, or are separated then I need to know that, because separations do not count as being in a relationship when it comes to readings. Same can be said if you are seeing someone but they are in a relationship with someone else. You wanting to be in a relationship with someone is also not the same as wanting a relationship. If it is a friendship you want to go further, then please tell me so that I can read the various cards that may come up with that in mind.

​I do hope that you will give me a chance, and let me help you find your way back on the path that will fulfill you and bring you the maximum happiness that you deserve.