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Model trains are my passion. We are in the Worlds Best Hobby. So this channel is about all this Model Railroading. I conduct weekly interviews with love to spread the word about this hobby. My goals are to provide the best tutorials and how to videos on realistic model railroad scenery and DCC. My main passions for most facets of the hobby, including: technology, scenery and building structures. I have learnt from many fantastic people in this hobby over a number of years. This is how I am giving back to the hobby. I want to add to the model railroading community. I also wish to help the modeler with the computer aided control, dcc electrical wiring etc.

 Visit my website:  About my website: Model Railroad Techniques Scale Prints is a boutique online design 3D printing business and resource service, through online blogs and pdf documents to download on a myriad of topics. or email me:

<9>[email protected] or for my 3d Prints<10>[email protected]