Oracle Card 7 November 2022

Oracle Card 7 November 2022

Nov 06, 2022

I have gently been working with #OracleCards again lately, for myself, my buyme a coffee, for friends. I started working with #Tarot when I was 16, later came #AngelCards, then #OracleCards. I’m not a big #WooWoo person despite also being a #ReikiMaster, but always love my cards. So today I'm sharing a card, drawn with a focus on the shifts of change in our social media space. It was super spot on - Regeneration!

Meanings: Rebirth, New opportunities, Second chances. What you may perceive as a loss has being replaced by something better and more powerful. Now is the time to see what new things emerge. Whatever loss or failure has occurred lets you integrate a more powerful, beautiful version of what you imagined. New opportunities that come will be better. Do not dwell on the past, do not be afraid to face facts, let go of what is lost, look forward for what is being offered as your second chance.

If you would like a card drawn for you, I have added them as offer's in my BuyMeACoffee account. Wishing you lots of blessings for the week! Paula x✨

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