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I am a self taught crochet artist and a complete fan-girl for games, comics and fantasy worlds. 

I adore interacting with people and spent the last 20 years working retail and promotions everywhere from malls to small business markets to international conventions. 

Covid-19 has hit the pause button on working in public spaces so I am leveling up my online presence and slowly farming for the tech to make it happen. 

I am currently sharing my home crochet space in a tranquility stream with a great view of Toronto CANADA and gaming videos on I also feature a pilot episode of my comic book review series '"She-Hulk" Reads She-Hulk', where I cosplay as the character Jennifer Walters and read through my personal collection of She-Hulk comics on YouTube @Lisa Marie January 

Now more than ever we need to believe in what our home based small businesses are capable of and how little we need to rely on international brands.

When you support a small business like mine, you are encouraging community outreach with positive reinforcement toward people you can see will have a great impact on the world around them.

You are also encouraging a small happy dance when you donate ^.^

I'm not here to tell you what to do, I'm already saying thank you for being here, and keep going! 


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