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London based professional cellist often found live on face book performing beautiful cello music with colleagues.
Judy Dinnen
Judy Dinnen bought 3 coffees.

I love your concerts and i admire all the many things you setting up! well done! xx

x2kv10LET bought a coffee.

Thanks Marianne!    I enjoyed your Sunday recital!

Thank you so much!Great you could join us!Will post details of November concert soon...

Alison Shoop
Alison Shoop bought 3 coffees.

Lovely to see and hear you Marianne. Finally managed to be at home at the right time to hear you live!

Thank you Alison great you could join us!Perhaps we will meet up one day hope everyone well and will let you know of future recitals...Always enjoyed teaching Rosie such a lovely gentle person I am sure she is now concerts  for now!

Jo bought 3 coffees.

It has been lovely to listen, and to connect with you. X

Thank you for the coffees Jo and so great we are connecting through the concerts. Thanks for your support!

Judy Dinnen
Judy Dinnen bought 3 coffees.

Thanks Marianne. Enjoy your coffee!

Thank you for your support Judy lovely to have you and your family in the audience!