Hi everybody,

Just wanted to share my first animation film with you.

I produced (wrote, animated, directed and edited) and completed it by myself in under 45 days for the Tainan Cultural Film Tour 2021, 2021 Kuandu Animation Festival and 2021 Taichung International Animation Festival (TIAF) during the semi-lockdown in Taiwan this summer.

Every frame (except for the photos and explosion animation) was hand drawn and animated with Pencil2D.

It wasn't accepted into any of them - which isn't surprising considering how minimalist this animation looks (but that's actually the uniqueness of my work, as it removes all unnecessary distractions and focuses purely on the story) but I glimpsed at some of the selections and frankly speaking, was unimpressed with the selected entries. Sure, they have eye catching visuals, but the pacing, story, and shots just didn't do it for me... not sure what the judges were thinking.

A few notes on watching this:

  • It helps to know a bit of Taiwan's history and Tainan's historic sites (it's a cultural piece does make a few basic historical references)

  • You should play your own sounds and sound effects in your head while watching this (I actually had a sound designer working on this at some point but he flaked out in the middle of this, which was probably for the better as he just couldn't do what I wanted and so I ended up making it silent, which worked out in the end).

Anyway, here it is, I'm very protective of my work but have given you the password so you can see it, let me know what you think!

password: bmaconly