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N.B. Please see "Extras" to book sessions

Ever wanted to start a rock band or join an orchestra? Or did you do so in the past and secretly wished you could do so again? With Music Makers, you no longer have to be a wannabe; you can just be! Bring along any instrument and play pop & rock songs in a fun, friendly, informal setting under expert guidance. There is also the chance to learn to improvise, jam and play by ear. All abilities are catered for and any instrument. We offer no judgement, no expectation and definitely no egos. Arrangements are provided, along with audio practice tracks which are useful if you struggle to read music and prefer to learn by ear. Chord symbols are provided for guitarists/ukulele players. Groups of differing abilities (from beginners to expert) are held in Bewdley & Bromsgrove over the weekend and are on a week-by-week basis with no commitment needed.

We have spaces available at the "Rookies" (beginners/rusty players) sessions. There is a waitlist for "Improvers" and "Superstars" in Bewdley and for all sessions in Bromsgrove - please get in touch to register your interest.

Book a 1-to-1 Zoom meeting with me to determine the right group for you!


GIGQUIZ: The most fun you can have on Zoom! Play along with my interactive music quizzes and enjoy live piano singalongs from yours truly between rounds. Submit your answers via your smartphone and the quickest correct answers get bonus points. Cash prizes for the winners!

BROADCASTING: You can catch me presenting shows on Ambron Radio ( on Sundays 10am-12pm and Galaxie Radio ( on Fridays 1pm-4pm.