Quick Tips: Cabling Like A Pro ..
MuSOS imparts some quick Cabling + Plug In Tips.It’s easy to plug in a cable and get something

Feb 01

Sysex is your friend ... honest!
Sysex LibrarianWe all love free software right?!Here’s something worth having if you don&rsquo

Feb 25

Lemur 'How To' - Dynamic Text Boxes.
A quick way to create useful dynamic text boxes using Lemur.IOS Lemur has been around for a good whi

Feb 17

Backup, Backup, Backup! .. 💾 💾 💾
Any Computer user is aware of the need to backup … but it's amazing how this gets forgot

Feb 08

Quick Tips: Logic + Screensets
Logic ScreensetsOne thing that’s really useful when dealing with a busy project in Logic is &l

Jan 26

On Test: M1 Mac Mini / Logic 10.6 / PlayAudio 12
We run a real-world 'Playback' scenario to see how a Logic / Apple silicon combo works wit

Jan 21