By Alex Turner ...

There's nothing more frustrating than a technical problem to slow down your creativity. Here are some quick suggestions to get you working again!

In the Box 

Re-boot the whole system - Or the units in question - no joke, software can get its knickers in a twist of its own accord. I’ve spent hours pulling my hair out to solve the unsolvable, whilst people who are paying me are clock watching, an all that was needed was a reboot. 


  • Midi Monitor by Snoize : Its free download. I use it every day! A cheeky little app that displays all the midi messages you need to see. Any output or input, and you can filter the display to avoid active sensing and midi clock if needed. Genuis

Out the Box

Use dedicated test gear - I’ve created many more problems trying to solve it, by borrowing other bits of my set up when testing. Having dedicated gear stops problems from growing as well providing the quickest path to solution. For under £50 on amazon you’ll be able to get the whole kit.

Here are the tools I couldn't do without…believe me. If you have the resources to waste hours of problem solving you have the resources to get your hands on these…

MIDI Wrench  - Basically the same tool as Snoize mentioned earlier but on iOS, I’ve got a old iPad for this, super handy for properly going to the source:

A Cable Tester - I've used the Behringer for years, it’s cheap as chips and always works. £16.60 from Amazon. Job done. Swapping cables around and trying to compare results via logic is messy and you can create more problems and who needs that!

A Headphone Amp - The Behringer Powerplay units are tiny and come in at about £20 for passive and £40 for battery powered. This makes life easy when you need to know where the problem lies. On a multitude of occasions I’ve smuggly told the audio dept, that it’s not the unit that’s  the problem, it's their cabling. Worth its weight in gold.

Continuity Tester - Found on the even the cheapest multimeters, comes into play for test fuses and pretty much any basis circuits.

What Actions ??

Think about it

What was the change that you did just before it happened, follow you own breadcrumbs, no matter how irrelevant this seems, it probably will be the cause.

Forget About It

Have a cup of tea, forget about it, by the time you had the cup of tea your back burner section of you mind might of let you know what it is.

Talk About It

The solutions to many issues have miraculously risen from the back of my mind  the instant as soon I've starting explaining it out loud to someone else. Failing that, they might actually know themselves.

If you cant solve it ?? Call MuSOS - We are here to help you..

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