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What is is a blog that aims to make information more accessible for music students and professionals everywhere by publishing different career opportunities in one place. is not primarily a job-posting site, although it might share employment opportunities occasionally. We want to give a different perspective on the music industry by
1) sharing a diverse range of opportunities that give a broader perspective of what a career in music might look like, and
2) highlighting opportunities that target and uplift musicians in disadvantaged and underrepresented communities.

How does work?

We publish opportunities that appear in different digital platforms and use blog categories and tags to make your search easier. However, we do not advertise or promote these opportunities and we do not take responsibility for any of the inaccuracies. When in doubt, you should always refer to the original source for clarification.

We hope to grow this community over time and be able to add more features and resources. This project relies on volunteer work as of now, if you want to collaborate you can contact us.

Why is necessary?

As if being a musician was not stressful enough, when you finish your studies you might realize pretty quickly that you need to do more than rehearsing and practicing in order to advance your career. Finding funding, networking, travel, and study opportunities is an added burden on many music students and professionals, and especially on those affected by systemic oppression.

Privilege plays a huge role in the music industry, and it helps perpetuate social and economic imbalances at many levels. By making information more accessible to everyone who has an internet connection, we hope to fight these burdens and inequalities that have been recently exacerbated by the Covid-19 crisis.

Who is behind

The team is led by a very caffeinated and self-determined double bassist. You can learn more about me on my website.