A portal opens up on top of a building. Donna dives out of the portal and rolls until she gets on her feet. Standing up, she looks around the city as she notices it was different, a little more advanced, "I thought that portal was only going to teleport us to a different part of New York. Looks like we are in the wrong timeline." Bella speaks to her friend, "I don't know about timeline, this New York looks much different then our's back home. Let me try to call someone." Donna pulls away from Bella's face and took out Bella's cellphone from within the symbiote. Bella takes the cellphone and looks at her contacts, "Can't call the parents or else they will become worry, plus how can I explain to them that not only am I in a different timeline, but also how I got here in the first place. That is not how I picture myself finally introducing them to you." She continues to scroll down her contract list to land on Peter Parker, "Well he is really the only person that I can talk to without spoiling out who I am." She dials the number and place her phone by her ear as she waits for the ringing. As she waits, she takes in more of her surroundings. Looks like there is a lot more corporation buildings, 'That would explain why it is a bit more advanced here...' The phone finally got a hold of Peter, "Hey Peter..." But all she heard of was weird static noises, almost like the area was a bad signal. After hearing enough of the noise and hearing it not going anyway, she ends the call, "Should of known it couldn't be easy." Taking in a deep breath, she let out a sigh. It was then Donna spoke, "So where do we begin." Again Bella looks around before looking down at the streets, "Well it is best to get to know the city until something pops up that could lead us back home." Donna covers Bella's face again and looks about to jump off the building until she saw Spider-Man, "Good thing to know that there is still a Spider-Man in this world. How long do you think it will take until we meet him." "I think the moment he spots a purple symbiote swinging around, it shouldn't take long," Bella chuckles in her mind as Donna nods and leaps off the building.