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Hi! I'm Miloslav.

The good

I make Open Source apps and write essays in my spare time. Here is the complete list of the projects I made. The common themes of all my projects are usually the following:

• Keeping the interface really simple, declarative and magical, allowing as much people as possible to use it;

• Metaprogramming, achieving more with fewer tools and smaller boilerplate;

• Privacy, also keeping it less radical and more approachable for general audience;

• Cognitive functions and biases, human-computer interactions;

• General concepts between programming and philosophy: balance between declarative and imperative, systems theory, general computer science.

The not so good

I have an affective disorder and I allowed it to define me as a creator. Whatever I do, I treat like art. I'm horrible at monetizing my projects. My only driving force is my internal motivation — I make things not because I want to, but because I can't just stop and take a rest.

On the other hand, this allows me to keep going when others stop, raising the bar higher and higher.

Things I love:

• 💅 CSS — my favorite language of all time (the second one is Clojure).

• ✅ Web standards — just one meeting with Håkon Wium Lie (the guy who invented CSS) taught me how important they were.

• 🤗 Accessibility, because of human rights;

• 🤤 Impressive tech demos.

Some facts that allow me not to feel like a complete waste of space:

Pixelhunter — Product of the Day #3, included in Product Hunt newsletter, got media coverage from Matt Navarra, Fai Informazione 🇮🇹, Justgeek 🇫🇷, newsletter, Rusbase 🇷🇺, 🇷🇺, 🇹🇼

The Code of Conduct Generator — Product of the Day Award

Sleeep (sleep schedule adjuster & fixer) — Golden Kitty nomination

Scalable architecture without magic (and how to build it if you’re not Google) — Must-Read, Top 7 Authors Badge, Hashnode Must-Read. Also published in China by InfoQ

alpine-curl-bash — 500,000+ pulls on Dockerhub

• Worked for Uploadcare (curator, product owner), Studybay USA (tech evangelist) and Openland (Frontend developer)

• I tried to build a website generator, failed miserably because of depression and wrong treatment and gave an interview about it

I answer each and every message and I hate canned responses:

Email: [email protected]


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Miloslav Voloskov

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