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Website dedicated to the preservation of old video games. We aim to preserve and share digital creations.

Hey! We drink a lot of coffee to keep the site running and add new features.

We have tons of ideas to make the website faster, have a much more complete collection, add new platforms, have some kind of newsletter (been thinking about it for 10 years), and much more.

Right now, the COVID-19 pandemic is driving a lot of gamers to our website, putting our delivery server in panic. We are currently working on a better infrastructure, but we will have to rent more hardware.

Any donation is welcome!

squeak bought 3 coffees.

hi i've downloaded a few games from here over the years, I'm glad this site exists so I can play the older games from when I was a younger kid. Thanks!

That's our purpose :)

@jeichstaedt bought 5 coffees.

thanks for keeping up the good work.

Thanks a lot, that's very generous!

Someone bought a coffee.
Someone bought 3 coffees.
Someone bought a coffee.