Woke up this morning to get ready for my show and felt inspired to take some pictures. My passion for creation has been restored and now I am making time for me to do a little more of what I started doing years ago.

Times changed and responsibilities grew and I had to set somethings aside, but that was just for a season. You see, many of us will go through different seasons in our lives where it may be all work and no play, but we always have to look to the outside and see who we may be affecting in positive way. We may not like to put ourselves aside many times, but the fruit that may come could be greater than we thought.

As I start a new journey and new season in my life, I am putting myself out there more and more. I have such big goals and they are not impossible to reach and the road to get there will be difficult, but anything worth doing always is.

I want to encourage all of you out there to continue working towards your goals, the only one that can get in the way is...you.

I leave you with the best advice a great friend gave me about 10 years ago, Adapt and Overcome! This has helped me every single day and this is why nothing seems impossible for me.

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