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Pagani Huayra BC 2016

Jul 02, 2021

Pagani Huayra BC 2016:

➣ Price: $2.5 million

➣ Power: 720 HP

➣ Max Speed: 370 KM/H

➣ Body Main Color Configuration

➣ Body Secondary Color Configuration

➣ Rim Main Color Configuration

➣ Rim Secondary Color Configuration

➣ Interior Color Configuration

➣ Front Bumper Configuration

➣ Rear Wing Configuration

➲ Fully Animated Interior

➲ Fully Animated Tiptronic Transmission Driving

➲ Animated Front And Rear Flaps With Speed, Steering and Brakes

➲ Ambient And Gauge Color Changeable Using Keyboard (Check in-game Help Section using F1)

➲ Zoomable Indoor Cam

➲ Simple IC includes

➣ Left Door

➣ Right Door

➣ Left Window

➣ Right Window

➣ Front Door (You should Open Both Left And Right Doors First)

➣ Back Door (You should Open Both Left And Right Doors First)

➣ Turn On Vehicle

➣ Hazard Light ON/OFF

➣ Fog Light ON/OFF

➣ Flaps Check (check up for the rear and front flaps)

➣ Interior Light ON/OFF

➣ Interior Ambient Light ON/OFF

Simple IC Version Suggestion (Version Download Here

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