Our beliefs about ourselves can affect our view of life and our day-to-day feelings. It can show in our behaviour toward others, and can limit our ability to do the things we enjoy.

Low self-confidence can show itself in any or all of these ways:

  • feeling unconfident in social situations

  • causing unnecessary and repetitive problems in close relationships

  • being passed-over for promotion at work

  • not sticking at studies

  • not trying new hobbies or sports

  • accepting an unsatisfactory home-life

  • not looking after our health

  • spending unwisely

  • putting up with being treated badly

  • over-focusing on grooming and appearance, or neglecting appearance


Symptoms of Low Self Esteem; the feelings and thoughts associated with Chronic Low Self Confidence can include:

Persistent self-blame, shame, guilt, fear, frequent comparisons with others, interpreting others' behaviour towards us as 'proof' of our unworthiness, pessimism, 'playing the victim' when it might be possible to take control of our own lives, perfectionism, worrying too much about what other people think, idolising other people and making rigid judgements.

The good news is that Healing and Mindset work really can help people learn to overcome Low Self Esteem.

It doesn't happen overnight, but it really is possible to change unhelpful negative views of ourselves into something more balanced and encouraging. We can develop more satisfying beliefs about our own capabilities and about the potential our lives hold for us. Close relationships can have more of a chance to develop and stay strong, and careers, social-life, and interests have a better chance to flourish.

Healing can help people to change unhelpful beliefs about themselves, and change their unhelpful behaviour. The Mindset work that I utilise uses muscle testing techniques to 'talk to the body' and find out what belief is causing the behaviour.