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Hi, Wellesley here from, and welcome to BUY ME A COFFEE (BMAC)

Thanks also for your interest in supporting me, whether it is simply buying me a one-time coffee, or joining my close-knit community of Jamaica - loving people, aka JAMHearts!

I BELIEVE IN JAMAICA, I believe that despite our challenges, we are still the jewel of the Caribbean; our culture, our food, our music, natural attractions and above all, our people stands out.

Since April 2007, I've been sharing insightful and engaging content on and about Jamaica (like this video about the business man without hands), both on my website and on my YouTube channel - And nothing gives me greater joy!

And I'm dedicated to doing more, but doing so takes serious time, great commitment and valuable resource.

But thanks to this platform, I'm finally able to amplify your experience by creating this exclusive online community of Jamaica-loving people called JamHearts, which allows you and I to connect in a more engaging way.
It is one of the revolutionary ways for creators to fund their work online.



The list is long (and growing) but includes:

Get access to our exclusive locked community group/ chatroom where only like -minded, Jamaica-loving persons interact. You get helpful tips and recommendations on just about everything from seasoned visitors and knowledgeable native Jamaicans.

Your questions are also much more likely to get answered than elsewhere as I'm in there every day! Its a safe-haven away from all the internet noise out there.

Here we talk to each other about all things Jamaican, answer questions and discuss current issues or back in the day stuff - whatever is on our minds at the time.

New! Exclusive 'Friends and Family' Discounts at several lodgings and attractions in Jamaica.

Complimentary Copies of my THREE (3) awesome ebooks..The Jamaica Travel Guide,Jamaican Sweet Treats,and 101 Intriguing Facts Of Jamaica

LIVE (behind the scenes) pics and clips of my travelogues and normal daily Jamaican life, via my private Facebook Group.

Early (Partner only) access to premium posts that represents my best articles.

Guaranteed discounts on special swags and My Island Jamaica merchandise when they become available.

Every month, using StreamYard, I'll dedicate 1 hour for a special session with this selected (limited) number of persons in this tier.

Credits, live links and special name recognition on my website, on video or live-streams,And more - as they get added!


No one can change the world alone. That always happens in community; when a tribe of like-minded people comes together to share their gifts, talents and time to something that they all believe in.

I believe in Jamaica, and I believe that you believe in Jamaica as well.

And so I invite you now to join me now... become a bigger part of my life and vision for Jamaica in a tangible way, join us in JAMHearts!

To my your right (above) are the reward tiers, select the one that best suits you and come on board. I look forward to seeing you on the inside.

One Love!


Wellesley Gayle,

P.S. Click Here Now To Join Me as I showcase the best, the talented and most unique of Jamaica.

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