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I'm a speaker, consultant, coach, artist, and creator - I'm here to create tools that turn trauma into transformation - it's what I'm doing with the next chapter in this one, wild life I have and I want to share it - and the beautiful results I've gained by doing it myself - with you!

After 25 years working in the education and nonprofit executive space, I'm combining the many lessons learned there with some new skill sets and hitting the speaking circuit, consulting room, and coaching space. I'm even grabbing up a paintbrush, pen, and a few digital spaces to show how taking on trauma in unexpected ways can be transformative.

I believe that one of the greatest disservices we've done to humanity is lowering the bar to simply surviving, especially if you've had a major traumatic setback (and most of us have, or will, in our adult lives!) - I'm here to raise it to thriving.

You'll hear (and see) me use the phrase 'Thrivorship not Survivorship' a lot, because that's what I want  for all of us. 

One of the gifts I have is to see how many pieces that may seem disconnected can come together to create something exceptionally powerful. And I'm working in a lot of different spaces to communicate exactly that. So you'll see some blogging, video, social media posts as well as some digital assets, art assets, and maybe even a sneak peek at a book (or 2!).

I process a lot of these ambitious ideas and messages through creating visual art, and writing. I strongly believe - and neuroscience backs me up - that expressive arts are a critical component to human wellness. I create because it has helped me not only process my own trauma but discover how to transform it into something that is beautiful and powerful. I've also discovered my work frequently serves as inspiration for others to engage in expressing their own experiences with trauma - not for the drama of it - but for the powerful transformation that is possible with the right tools. The work you see on this page and in my other links is original; the artwork (watercolor painting is my primary medium), illustrations, poetry, and writings are my own.

MylestoGo is the business side of my work; my creative space is called Nicki Scribbles, and the nonprofit arm is the newly founded Better Living Collaborative. Through all of these spaces, I'm finding ways to use communication, creativity, expressive arts, and digital spaces as tools, techniques, and frameworks to improve approaches to trauma. With my experience - and my expertise - I increase comfort with the word and concept of trauma, increase understanding, and show how this universal experience can do more than knock us down. And I do it in professional/organizational spaces, community spaces, and for individuals. 

Why? Because no matter what's happened to you, there is a brilliant, empowered spirit inside just waiting for the chance to be set free - and I want to make that happen for you. Thriving individuals, in thriving workplaces and in thriving communities, change the world. 

This is long term work that requires a lot of exposure. Among the most challenging areas for me presently is affording travel to the conferences I get selected to present at. My work is my best recruiting tool and this is where I can engage with new prospective clients. A lot of people don't realize it but presenters for conferences are usually backed by their organizations who have budgeted travel - I'm a soloprenueur so for me, it's out of pocket months before I'll see the return on that investment.  Also my unique situation as a solo parent means I have to additionally afford the overnight childcare for my teenager that I need when I'm on the road. While I've been blessed with generous friends who do what they can, I need consistent, paid care to really make this work.

Supplies to produce assets, have prints done, and create inventory I can convert and sell- as well as investing in marketing to raise my profile are the next big needs on my list. I know that the rights assets and exposure will make the difference.

So, if you'd like to support my continued quest to bring tools that turn trauma into transformation, I'd be so grateful if you'd buy me a (metaphorical, of course!) coffee -

You can also reach out to me directly with questions at [email protected].

☕️ Thank you!

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