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Conference Travel Fund

When I travel and speak, I usually have to cover those expenses - especially for conferences. My keynote appearance in May is one where I have to pay my transportation and accommodations, as well as childcare. Funds help me get this part done!

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Holbein Soft or Linen Mounting Tape

When I mat prints I need tape that will hold and create a good hinge, but also is acid free and gentle. I've had success with both Holbein and Linen tape - I do go through quite a bit of it. This price is the average cost per roll.

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Pop Up Tent

I just started doing vendor fairs with my artwork - I travel solo and I'm currently borrowing a tent. This would make a great addition toward helping me put together a strong and efficient system for selling my work.

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Micron Pen - Needle tip set

I use ultra-fine black pens when adding line work to my watercolors. I was so excited to find that there are sets of just the .005 tips that I prefer! I go through a lot of them so extra sets are always going to find their way to the paper.

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Arches Hot Press Watercolor Paper

Hot press paper is different from cold press paper in that it has a smoother surface. While I love the cold press texture for a lot of my work, illustrations for the children's book, Nicki Scribbles, would benefit from hot press paper in particular. At $20 per 12 sheets, I ration this special paper (I also cut it into smaller pieces) but it would go a long way towards helping me create vibrant illustrations.

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Arches Cold Press Watercolor Paper

Arches is the kind of watercolor that makes all the difference. Most of my work is done on cheaper papers (Canson or Strathmore) but the Arches paper is special: it holds up to layers of paint, preserves colors, and has a gorgeous texture to work on. I ration it because it's so expensive.

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