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The Goal 🫶🏾

Sep 25, 2022

Greeting earthlings !! New Post is Up !!

Feel free to comment, like, share and send this love donations!!

The current goal is 50k (and that’s just to get started) !!

Membership tiers are in the works! So if you’re interested in seeing what these memberships will consist of, please go check it out !!

Magick Moonflower is a Nonprofit Spiritual Collective dedicated to providing a safe haven for those who need it.

Moon Village, our transitional commune WILL be built in the city and will offer temporary housing, ged/diploma classes, finance and budgeting workshops, free Yoga and meditation, free spiritual counsel, group sessions, learning how to live sustainably, preparing food with one another and actually eating together (device free) and so many other amazing opportunities for those of us who weren’t handed a silver spoon, BIPOC will be considered first and foremost in the lottery.

Background checks will be ran for the safety of our community ESP our children! Childcare will be provided and homeschool will be available for those who really want their children to know the truth and importance of what was and what is.

Magick Moonflower is technically registered as a Metaphysical “Church” . So if any of you know how to go about obtaining grants and obtaining large donations PLEASE reach out to me.

All my contact info is located in the link below!

I also own and LLC ‘The Indie Moon Collective’ so if there are any grants available for that as well please contact me!

As soon as we raise our first 50k the waitlist will open up and applications, along with other qualifying criteria will be posted!

I have NEVER been more dedicated and determined to accomplish anything in my life! So ,I truly appreciate your support, your resources, your prayers, your donations, your ideas, your physical labor (bc we the collective will be building Moon Village), your contributions, your shares, your suggestions, your thoughts, your footwork (bc flyers and pop up markets will be happening ) and so much more!!

Networking is a MUST !!! So talk to me! And if you’re of unsure of how you can contribute just ask me! Where there’s a will there’s always a way and you may just be more resourceful than you give yourself credit for 🫶🏾

I hope you’re just as excited as I am bc this i literally just the beginning!!! #MagickMoonflower #LevitateWithLuna #ManifestMoonVillage #SpiritualNonprofitCollective

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