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Hey 👋 I just created a page here. You can now buy me a donut to show your support for My New Danish Life! :)

If you want to help me produce the best content for the blog and YouTube channel My New Danish Life, you can "buy me a donut" which really means that you are donating money to help me with the expenses for my content creation. If you feel that you get value from my content, could you please consider supporting me!? :)

My New Danish Life has weekly videos posted on YouTube and monthly (or more) blog posts about life in Denmark from the eyes of an American wife and mother living on Denmark's peninsula.

I started My New Danish Life to show foreigners how to transition to a new life in Denmark while also showing Danes what their country is like from another point of view. I discuss cultural differences, travel destinations for families and much more.

In order to continue what I do, I need your help!! The cost of editing help, new equipment and travel has gotten to be too much for me on my own, so I ask for your support in helping me make My New Danish Life the best it can be! :)

What is "Buy Me a Donut"?

* "Buy me a donut" allows people who love what I do to support my creations by making a pledge! 

* You pledge as little or as much as you like! This can be an ongoing payment or a one-time thing. Your level of support is up to you! :)

* You can change your pledge amount at any time.

Thanks for supporting My New Danish Life!