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Hey 👋 I just created a page here. You can now buy me a cup of tea and kimchi on the side!!

I actually created this page because my son kept asking me how I get any money if I give away so many printables. 

 If you would like printable freebies you can join here

Creating printables for kids and the home is my jam. But it does cost money to buy the cliparts and maintaining my website! So if you would like to buy me a cup of tea and kimchi I can create more free printables for you!

I love listening to Korean cafe music while I do my creative thing. Korean drama and the kids are ruining my beauty sleep! :P

When I'm not creating printables, you can find me playing with my two sons and listening to a lot of poop songs! 

Thank you for your support and buying me my cup of tea!

There is a freebie for you in the EXTRAS section!