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Update 22.3 now available

Update 22.3 now available

Jun 13, 2021

A few tweaks behind the scenes, and new features 😎

  • Enhanced the support for streaming via AirPlay, now you can benefit from the album art that AirPlay provides, and I display the bitrate for the AirPlay stream to the player. Note that this is not necessarily going to be the same as the bitrate of the source material being played, rather it reflects the bitrate that AirPlay streams at - I believe this will always be 44100/16/2, but let's see if that changes over time 😉

  • Changed the way that the volume bar behaves. Previously this always acted as a toggle to mute/unmute the player when clicked. Now you can define a range of percentage volume settings that you would like to be allowed to set directly by clicking in the volume bar. Outside this range, it behaves as before as a mute/unmute toggle. This allows immediate large changes in volume instead of having repeatedly to click the volume up/down buttons, while at the same time providing some protection against accidentally clicking and setting the volume to damaging high levels

  • Re-designed the way that the play queue is loaded. Previously the entire queue was loaded, however for large queues (e.g. more than a few hundred items) this would lead to memory and performance issues in TV browsers. So, I changed to an "on demand" model, whereby if you scroll up or down in the play queue, it will load any entries required just before it needs to display them, saving memory in TV browsers where typically you don;t scroll through the play queue, but still allowing that to occur on any device

  • Added some visual cues to the volume bar to indicate (in addition to the hover tooltip) where the mute/unmute zones are. Also enhanced the preferences dialog to show a preview of this as you're setting the bounds

Let me know how these updates work for you, and as always keen to hear any suggestions or feedback 😃

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