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19th-25th of September! Weekly Energy Fo ...

19th-25th of September! Weekly Energy Forecast!

Sep 18, 2022

Hello beautiful "stars"!

(I wish for you to find some time as you start your day, where you get to sit down and enjoy a
really good cup of coffee or tea, as you read your "Weekly Energy Forecast"!)

This week is really really beautiful. The overall feel is love, abundance, balance and new energy.

The crazy crazy overwhelming energy has started to settle in a little bit. (Still charged energy though) I I don't know if this is a good analogy as not everyone experience this, but here it goes;

If you imagine that there has been a crazy snow storm. The snow has come down hard, and it is completely white everywhere. Where ever your eyes land, there is snow. New, white, abundant and everywhere.

So now you get to create new paths in the snow, you can build a snowman, you can create angels in the snow. It might be a little bit much to shovel away, to get a completely clear path, but with a little bit of patience, you can create something wonderful with this much snow.

That sort of sums up the tone of the energy I feel for the week.

There's the promise of "new" this week, especially with the New Moon in Libra that ends the week.

There is also a sort of preparation and preview of what's to come in October!

Hope this helps!
I'm wishing you a wonderful new week!

With love,
"your true north"

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