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Sacral Chakra Info!

Sacral Chakra Info!

Jan 30, 2022

The Sacral Chakra that is located in your lower stomach, is all about the circle of life!
It's life, death and rebirth. It's about your creative powers and your sexuality.
Passion, purpose, pleasure, harmony, nurture, desire.

What is your relationship with your sacral chakra? Are you in awe of the fact that your sacral chakra (whether you're a woman or a man) can create life? What is your relationship with your sexuality? How appreciative are you for your creativity? How much do you like or dislike your physical body and appearance?

One fun suggestion to help your sacral chakra get going, is to move your hips like nobody's watching. Dance for yourself for 3-5 min (1 song) a day, and you will help the fun, passion and chakra get going for sure.

Signs that your sacral chakra is off balance:

Lower back pains
Tough menstrual cramps
Ovary blockages
Low sperm count
Trouble getting pregnant
No sexdrive
Feeling no passion or excitement for life
Not finding any purpose
Not able to visualize

Signs your sacral chakra is in balance:

Your body feels strong
You feel comfortable in your sensuality/sexuality/skin
You feel in the flow of things
You dream and create easily
Feeling a zest for life
Feeling creative, getting lots of ideas
On your way to, or knowing your purpose

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