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I'm a Christian man of faith in the whole inerrant word of God. Old school Bible-based. Whole Bible. Living to serve and please God and Jesus --- not man.

Many of you who have been coming to A Crooked Path for years know my story from reading various postings written by me. At least know my story in part. I was transformed, renewed of mind becoming a new man by the Spirit of God one very cold winter's night 10 years ago. Decades had passed of never praying, never opening a Bible. I got hold of a Bible one night around three a.m. Prayed. Opened the Bible. It opened to Luke 15 verse 11. My life has never been the same.

Since March of 2011 I've never run ads. Never asked for any donation. With continually rising costs though, and being on a fixed-income I could use a wee bit of help to keep this place going. Every "cup" bought goes towards continuing A Crooked Path. If you can help --- thank you from my heart.