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I've returned to a medium I loved as a 10 year old - miniatures. At the moment, I'm in the process of creating a bakery at 1/2 scale. ( Where 1 inch = 2 feet. )

Lucky Bean Studio is a delicious casserole of illustration - analog 3D + traditional/digital illustration - that combine the love of cooking and baking with creating characters. Many of the resulting characters are remixes of ideas and stories that don’t normally overlap coming together in a new and fresh way. 

I have a background in animation and have always loved tinkering with + drawing things. Interests that inform my art outside of food and drawing are: British TV/movies, Sci-Fi, things that have a high level of craftsmanship ( cars from the '50s, things built to last ), discovering new places (especially restaurants), good books and my wild, gray tabby kitten, Ollie (after Ollie Johnston).

Follow me on Instagram to see my process + behind the scenes @LuckyBeanStudio. You can visit my website, to purchase my art. Your support means the world to me! :)