Buy Victoria Lama a coffee


I am awesome!

Ask enough people what they want in life and you’ll hear ‘happiness’ as the overwhelming response.  Happiness happens on the way to fulfilment. To fill me with the happiness – BUY ME A COFFEE! 

Why? Because everything is an illusion, but coffee is REAL...

Someone bought a coffee.


Stew bought a coffee.

I enjoy your blogs, keep up the great writing. :)

Omg ...if not you I’d forgotten I had “buy me a coffee page/ site” haha...thanks a lot! I got email about it today 😂😂 Cool you r “getting” my writing;) Take care! 💕💕

Someone bought a coffee.

Thank you Mr or Ms Someone 💕💕☕️☕️

Cristy De La Cruz bought a coffee.

I really enjoy your work. Enjoy a coffee on me! 

Thank you ❤️❤️ I'm planning to go and buy coffee this week (maybe tomorrow) and write a post about it haha U are invited .✌️..☕️☕️ lol 

Someone bought a coffee.