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I am the founder of Big Tree School of Natural Healing. I have been practicing and teaching about natural healing for most of my life.

I love to teach!

It turns out that I am skilled at making complicated things, like Chinese Medicine and human biology, understandable.  My book, Meridian Massage, Opening Pathways to Vitality, has become popular among Bodyworkers and Acupuncturists.  

Natural healing and alternative medicine do not have to be complicated. I offer lots of free information on my blog as well as informative webinar presentations to promote empowered holistic self-care. 

Thank you for your support!

- Cindy

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Darina Falsnes
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gillian bennett
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thank you so much. I love your site, I have done a few of your onlines and have your book!

Gillian - Thank you for your support - I really appreciate it!  ❤️ You made my day! 😃 

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Thank you.  

You are welcome!  Thank you for these coffees  :)

Sonia Welch
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Absolutely love your clarity when you teach and your superb knowledge and your simplicity in sharing. All these make your classes very special. Sorry its not more, but I wanted to offer a little and my wish that you are able to keep going through these uncertain times. Xx

Thank you so much Sonia! I appreciate all that you wrote ❤️