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10 limited edition prints available - first run of limited edition prints!

Apr 21, 2022

Oki Tansi

I recently released some limited edition prints on our website! Read on to learn more about my inspiration behind the piece and for details on how to grab one of your own!

This is my first run of limited edition prints, and they are quite pricey for a first run, but they will not be printed again after 10 copies are printed and each one will be signed and numbered. There will only be 11 of these in existence including the original.

More about the piece:

Naatoíyiki's inspiration for this piece was inspired by the work of Carl Beam. Naatoíyiki looks to the past to determine present happenings and future prospects. A broken status card reveals the truth behind broken treaties, particularly the Treaty #7 associated with the lands where Naatoíyiki calls home. Naatoíyiki's ancestors rarely had the opportunities they have today, and these sacrifices are never far behind in Naatoiyiki's mind: they understand the role the church played in her grandparents and parents lives and understand how hard they've tried to make a better life for their children. While rez life was tough, Naatoíyiki chooses to focus on the beautiful parts of her childhood as an adult and forever will be thankful to the Blood Tribe for giving her a sense of identity as a Blackfoot Womxn.

$350 + shipping

20*40 inches - 2 prints

Archival paper with ink signature


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