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May I welcome you to this website dedicated to my scribbles? 

I have been placing fingers to keys since 1066 when my relative William the Conqueror brought his mates across the channel thereafter turning England into a quasi-French territory. Not true. He wasn’t my relative. Just kidding, or if you live in Australia ‘having a lend of ya!’

I love to write. I live to write. My mates reckon I can spin a yarn, so for me writing is for the enjoyment and entertainment of fellow humans wherever they abide. I was born in England, raised in Australia and live in Ireland, the land of forty shades of green and where three days without rain is a drought! Yep - seriously!!!

Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy my contributions.

There are short stories and long manuscripts. There are also ‘ridiculous’ stories that some may not understand but they make me laugh - and I wrote them. 

There are stories for the young with pictures, teens who enjoy magical and weird ghosts, and adults. 

Being an Aussie, many are set in that glorious country but I utilise many other countries dipping in and out where necessary. I am well-travelled so much of these rely on memory.

Best wishes and thank you.