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I'm an independent story producer based in Berlin, Germany who enjoys making beautiful stories.

I failed with many projects (film, theater, online) and startups.

Now I’m starting again.

I’m not giving up.

So, while I’m building my dream storytelling company, susé patrola, you get to see our latest high-quality audio story productions.

The team, that’s my sound design consultant (Aleix Ramon), me (, and our independent contractors (e.g. voice actors).

Thanks for even considering buying me a camomile tea. Creating stories is hard work, as is creating momentum for these stories.

While I’m a full-time writer under the week, I’m building susé mainly on the weekend while trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle and not burn myself out. That said, your contribution helps to remind me how important our work is to all of you out there who enjoy our stories and get inspired.

Your one-off contribution won’t earn you anything extra, but it does warrant a huge thank you for directly supporting our Susé Patrola story productions... so, THANK YOU!

But your regular support through our membership will give you access to my brain regarding story-writing, story-marketing, story-production (no business consulting), and access to “ varsity” - where you learn A-Z story production through Q&A group calls.

Note: If you intend on using PayPal, please visit my PayPal site directly to avoid any unnecessary fees. Since I’m not selling you anything, you can choose friends & family there if desired.

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