Hi, I am Nakukana and I make simple guides.

The guides are make are for the champions I think are cool and fun to play on League of Legends.

Today, will be talking about support Zyra, or what I like to call #venasaur.

At the start of the game:

  1. Buy SPELLTHEIF'S EDGE. This item is too good to pass up. Zyra loves to bully people in lane which will it make it easier to trigger the passive on spellthief's edge. Warding as Zyra is key as her vision score truly is unmatched with her seeds and WARDS. This item is a must buy.

  2. Level up Q, E, W. Max Q. Deadly spines lateral hit-box is what makes Zyra extremely unique. Everyone knows that her stranglethorns are what's their limiting factor to winning a team fight, but with a shocking 700 unit range her Thorn Splitters get applied on-hit spell damage which opens your item shop flexibility. You must exploit this range and damage however you can.

  3. Maximize your SPELLTHIEFS EDGE. Do not take minions, do not let towers die, do not let people roam on to you, do not let the enemies back (if they do, you should), do not die until you can at least 1300 gold. Getting thirteen hundred goal is the key to the next step.

  4. Buy LOST CHAPTER. This is the most supreme mid-game item. It gives mana, damange, and cd. What more can you ask for?

  5. BUY OBLIVION ORB (at some point). If you don't know why, you're not playing ranked enough.

  6. BE AN ITEM SHOP SLAVE. If you don't know why look at the champions they're telling you to build against, are those same champions fed? hmm.

  7. DON'T LOSE. How do you lose? Buy missing your #STRANGLETHORNS, missing a #SNARE, using plants too much by harassing late game when really you should focusing on #teamfighting. Having a dog shit vision score (hi if you made it this far, that must mean to you are a support main and you are tired of dipshit ass marksmans who can't learn to play with no fear. Seriously if you play with some balls, Zyra is the most broken support in my personal opinion. However this is a simple guide so I'll stop here). Once Zyra has ult you need to be playing around your team. She's just a #venasuar. She flails her plants around in a frenzy, until a Charizard shows up. Also, I love being aggresive in bed (I miss my girlfriend).

  8. RUN AWAY AGAINST #Charizards. Zyra loses to Xerath and Brand.

  9. If you made it this far, Just buy Ludens Echo into Zhonyas. Freelo.

Hey thanks for reading me guide! It takes people normally 5 mins to read this guide. Mind buying me a coffee?