They continued to chase us relentlessly. At each ascent, they erected barricades with Gee'aantu, sword-spiders, mages, and swordsmen.

»That was the last ascent I know of. And even that is under siege.« Jhanae whispered affectedly as we took a rest.

In the days it became more and more difficult for me to breathe and instead of meditating I simply lost consciousness.

»We should retreat for a few moons to Drezz'Lynur in Undrek'Thoz. It's not far from here.« she said discouraged

»No. That's too close to Thay for me. I'm sure the men there are already waiting for me.« I weakly declined.

»I only know field medicine, but you need a cleric.« she demanded »Drezz'Lynur is dark. Light is forbidden there. Perfect for going underground.«

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