Naldela Isur'Ra Teleyal

Hammer 14, 1362 DR – Ykril POV

Mar 23, 2021

When I noticed that it was not Naldela, as usual the last days, but Sunih, who wanted to give me the spoonful of soup, I tried to sit up in pain.  

»Where is …« I began, but was immediately interrupted by Sunih.  



»Away. Doesn't matter where.« it came snappishly.  

»It does!« I gasped as I tried to stand up.  

I had to find her. Something told me she was about to do something really stupid.  

»You stay down!« Sunih directly hissed and pushed me back into bed »Let her go. You'll have enough trouble with that Tiefling kid and this perverted lizard.«  

»Sanise is still here?«  

»Yes. She left the little one, the chick and her weapons behind. As well as this.«  

»When did she leave?« I asked quietly as I opened the small box Sunih thrusted into my hand  

›The ring. In Menzoberranzan, I saw in the corner of my eye that she was wearing it. So that would have been her answer.‹ I thought with a smile  

»A few days ago. Now eat the soup!«  […]

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