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Hi, my name is Nam. I'm a student and software developer currently living in Vietnam. Like many other developers, I started a blog a few years ago, and till this time, I still maintain this blog and keep writing content about what I love. I'm a life-long learner and have a level of curiosity. I can work in groups and communicate well with teammates. Still, I prefer to work most of the time independently, and I believe that learning is an endless journey and a great way to learn something is to share what you're learning with others; that is why has been created. 

On my blog, you can see various types of content, and sometimes it's confusing for readers to find out what's the central theme of this blog. However, as you can notice, I mostly write articles about Java tutorials, DSA, WebRTC, Elixir lang, and my learning and working experience. I always love to try something new, and that's why I have been attempting different programming languages, and I get accustomed to both OOP and FP programming paradigms. I tried Scala in the past, and sadly I don't have space for using it later. 

Currently, I have a job where I can work with WebRTC and real-time communication. This technology is fascinated me, and I feel great while working with this. Since I work and study simultaneously, my time for writing would be lessened than before, but I always put my devoted endeavor to give readers valuable content for those interested. 

If you have any questions or want to contact me, feel free to give me an email at:<19>[email protected]

<22>[email protected]