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What I made in July

Aug 09, 2021

Hi!!! Hope everyone reading this is well. Let's go over some stuff I made last month!


A piece of Cloud and Tifa hugging together. Re-used the styling from the Sora and Kairi piece.

A new Low poly F1 car! This time it's a 2012 Red Bull(BTW that F1 race was great, and I can't wait for the US races to come back next week).

A sorta love letter to my favorite games, inspired by ElenaChatNoir artwork of the same name.

There was also more, but that's on the 18+ Twitter page.

Blog Posts

Scarlet Nexus(Anime): 1st Impressions - What is possiblyy the game of the year for me also got an anime, so I took a look at episode 1 of it.

Dragon Maid S: Mini Dragon - Before Dragon Maid S started: I wrote about the youtube mini-series that was done in order to promote it.

Dragon Maid S: First Impression - And, of course, the ep.1 review of where this all starts.

The postamble

If your wondering what means it's just me putting a spin on the word preamble, cause it comes after the stuff you probably want to see.

Anyways I watched a bit of Black Lagoon and a bit of Senran Kagura Ninja Flash, but it's mostly been Dragon Maid S, which has been really good in my opinion! I love that Dragon Maid is just about how different people fit into the world, it's really heartwarming.

In terms of games, it just been Scarlet Nexus and Genshin Impact's new Inazuma update. I want to finish those games 1st, as I'm enjoying them a lot, and I don't wanna stuff a 60-hour JRPG experience into 30. I'm just kinda slow when it comes to finishing games TBH. I'm on Phase 9 of Yuito's story and uh... I cried.

But hey, we have GIANT BAKI HEADS!!!

So, what's for Aughtest? Well it's my birthday month, and I wanted to go a celebrate it with an IRL friend, but sadly it wasn't meant to be. So I guess I'll just get Pizza or Chinese or something. I'm also gonna try and finish Neptuna so that I don't have 2 JRPG's that I need to review at the same time lol. But I'm also working on getting everything re-posted and replacing certain visuals as well.

Art wise... prepare for this to be the month of Lightning lol

I also wanna try out some games that are currently on Kickstarter as well, Victory Heat Rally and Skye the Slime Maid! They seem pretty cool!! I might also FINALLY start making video content(e.g. my articles in podcast form, random rambles) now that I have some recording software sorted out that isn't my phone.

But yea, that's all I got. Sorry this one is a bit late, but I wanted to figure out how to do the postamble. Later!

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