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What I made in June

What I made in June

Jul 07, 2020

Hello! This is a little late, but here's a catch-up post on what I made in June:

Stand-Out Artworks

What does an artist need, but a pencil, coffee and their artbook?

Some weapons inspired by Shirogane Noel! Hopefully, she's not too scared by the horror game she may have to play(if you know v-tubers, you know).

Meet a character that I am currently calling Laura! I'm still working on her, but she'll be in my OC verse alongside Clare and Ethan.

Blog Posts

Posted about Wings of Glass. Twice.

I talk about the everlasting impact that Unreal Engine 5 could have on the gaming industry.

I review Sayuri's other game, Feathery Ears!

What have I done in gaming?

And that's everything! I'm currently playing a lot of Grid Autosport, so I can get to a point where I can write about it, and I want to finish New Game Season 2 so I can write about it as well. I also started a print shop so I don't have to use redbubble to sell stuff anymore! Check that out here, what I'm calling Nana's 3D Warehouse.

And that's it for now! See you guys next time!

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