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Hey guys!! I'm a mom of 3 who loves to design, plan, and craft! I offer several digital planning tutorials on my youtube channel, and TONS of free planner and svg files on my website. All of this content is 100% free, and support in any form is highly appreciated. If you'd like to offer additional support, you absolutely can! You can buy me a coffee, and as a HUGE thank you -- you'll get an exclusive coffee related wallpaper for your phone!
Love, Kathryn
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Theresa Knudsen bought 3 coffees.

You are the best!  I already purchased a digital planner.  I thought just for heck of it, I'd make my own through your videos.  Wow!  That's A LOT of doing.  You have really broken it down to where I can understand.  Thank you for all you do!  Theresa

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You are awesome. I’m new to digital planning and you are my new best friend! I’m learning so much from your tutorials. Thank you so much! . 

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Someone bought a coffee.