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A Frontend Engineering Consultant for technology startups and mentor for aspiring Developers and Makers.

Khaja is a Frontend Engineer and currently does consulting for tech startups.

He worked with several early stage and growing companies like MindTickle, Aquaplot, Meply, Chefstalk, Indiez, EzeTap, Gharpay, ClinkNow etc. and also co-founded 2 startups in his career so far. The no. 1 reason clients hire him because he understand both their business and technology really fast. This makes him productive within lesser time.

Reach out to him if you need to architecht a Frontend UI, setup a scalable Frontend Engineering structure or need to mentor your junior developers into professional Frontend Engineers.

He is a mentor at CoderHive where he helps students to launch their career as a Full Stack Developer in tech startups.

He loves JavasScript's Stack and works with ES6+, NodeJS, React, Redux, MobX, NextJS, Express, GraphQL, etc.