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Nara Walker is an internationally exhibiting artist creating evocative works that convey the human condition. She explores the tension, freedom and triumph between archetypes, sexuality, sensuality, pleasure, pain, suffering, the subconscious, and womanhood. In addition, her work comments on social constructs and identity through varied mediums, creating a transformative experience.

Nara has continued to build her art practice through various mediums that at times cross-pollinate. Her debut appearance as a performance artist was in 2015 at the 'Venice Biennale' with the performance 'Hair Pull', followed by 'Energy String'. Nara performed at Mine Sanat Galerisi in 2016 to open her solo show 'Beauty Amongst Chaos', which was published on the front page of the 'Milliyet' newspaper. Her most recent performance, 'Do you see the colours in the shadow?', was performed at Seven Star Gallery in Berlin, Germany. 

Nara's ability to stand out as a current artist has been apparent from the beginning of her career with mentions in 'Art Monthly Australia' (2013) in a critique by respected art critic Rex Butler, and as a finalist at the age of 25 in the 'Ruth Borchard Self Portrait Prize' (UK 2015). Furthermore, Nara's work has been exhibited at galleries, including the renowned 'Woman Made Gallery' (USA). In addition, a selection of Nara's work may be found in public collections across the globe, including 'The National Parliament Library of Tbilisi' (Georgia), 'Mine Sanat Galerisi' (Turkey) and 'Gallery City Museum of Aveiro' (Portugal).

Since 2014 Nara has completed extensive artist residency programmes across Europe, the UK, Iceland and Georgia. Nara shows an ability to work on focussed projects with resolved outcomes. Nara participated in her fifteenth artist in residence programme in Umbria, Italy. During this stay, she worked on projects connecting art with ecology to convey the Eco-Feminism ideology visually.

Nara is an Alumnus of Australia's internationally recognised University, Griffith University. She holds a BFA Honours. Nara's interest in women's rights has led her to create the conference 'No Woman Alone', co-found 'RVK Feminist Film Festival' (Iceland) and to progressively sue the Icelandic state in reference to the Istanbul Convention combating gender-based violence at the 'European Court of Human Rights'; where they have agreed to hear her claims.

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