Jona Tanama Pramudita is an artist who graduated from the Yogyakarta Art Institute majoring in Dramatic Arts, Dance and Music. His wife is Chandra Nilasari, a multitalented artist in singing, theater, and dance. Jona's father is Sudjono, a retired police officer and mother is Yulengsi, one of the figures behind Sardulo Nareshwari, a reyog group whose members are all women. Jona has two younger siblings, Lensky Pinastika and Ginanjar Wahyu Ramadan. Jona spent his childhood at the residence of his grandparents named Gunung and Mesemi in the village where the women's reyog art community was formed. Jona's daily activity is as an extracurricular trainer for dance, theater, and reyog, at a high school, SMK Negeri 1 in Jenangan, Ponorogo. He is accompanied by his wife as his assistant. In addition, Jona has other activities in 2020, namely being a dance coach in the Reyog Putri community, led by her mother since 2017.

Jona experienced anxiety when she started to join Sardulo Nareshwari because it coincided with the COVID-19 pandemic. Several things that have happened include the failure to perform in numbers of event, because communal activities were canceled for public health and security reasons. This is exacerbated by the lack of sponsors who can significantly support them in their work. Another fact that was found was that the association had difficulty in regenerating players and lacked reserves of backup dancers, especially for some roles such as pemong and bujang ganong, which not only required ability, agility and flexibility in choreography but also physical strength to use an important property in the dance such as the dadak merak.

With the desire to preserve Reyog Ponorogo through the Sardulo Nareshwari community, Jona takes every means possible in order to find the most appropriate solution to overcome the challenges that may be the toughest in his career.