Today's Odesa Bombing

Today's Odesa Bombing

Jul 23, 2022

Yesterday they signed an agreement that russia allows safe use of Odesa sea port so we can sell grain from there and prevent world hunger. Today (10 minutes ago from me typing this) there was the most massive attack on Odesa. 5-7 rockets, all aiming for the city center, residential areas. Most shot down, one fell into the sea, two hit the seaport. The same port that was supposed to stay safe and conduct the export. The ink is still drying on that agreement that they signed less than 24 hours ago! THIS is what agreements with russia lead to! They call for peaceful negotiations and they send a message that they are not going to adhere to any of the agreements!

The explosions were super loud, I thought I was about to die. I heard the rockets fly right above my head and I tried to duck from them. I thought they were aiming right for me. That was terrifying.

Unfortunately, I think that the more we try to use our port the more we're gonna get bombed.

NEVER make any deals or agreements with russia. They need to be defeated, their weapons have to be taken away, they shouldn't be allowed to have any capability to attack the neighbors. Otherwise, you will always have this terrorist state next door, and Ukraine will not be able to cover your asses forever.

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